Bringing everyone to the party with SVEDKA Goes

By reinventing a staple, we made SVEDKA the official drink of intersecting cultures and unexpected celebrations.
The Challenge

Faced with low relevance and declining sales in part by category trends, as well as the subsiding impact of COVID-19, SVEDKA needed to revitalize its image in consumers’ minds. Cashmere was tasked to establish a campaign that created cultural cache and position SVEDKA as the bold drink of choice for party starters.

The Insight
Invigorated by the Unscripted

Our diverse Gen Z and millennial audiences were seeking out moments of spontaneity and impromptu living, where the opportunity for new connections and discoveries could be made.

The Idea

SVEDKA is the perfect vodka when you’re looking to take the party into spaces you’ve never ventured to before. This manifested in a new campaign that showed the overlap of worlds and cultures during unexpected moments of joy and celebration.

The Impact

Marketing-driven sales were up 5% YoY, driven by gains from TV, Paid Social and eCommerce partners such as Drizzly and GoPuff.

Brand favorability rose across all audience segments, with an average lift of 7.1% among audiences after viewing our ad.

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