Instagram shines a light on Diwali

For Instagram
Celebrated globally, but not often depicted in mainstream US media, we teamed up with Instagram to create influencer content and events to spotlight Diwali.
The Challenge

While Diwali is a holiday celebrated by over 1 billion people, and is the most well-known Indian religious festival (recognized by Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism), it’s a holiday that’s not recognized and prioritized by many in the US. As a result, South Asian Gen Z diaspora often don’t feel seen. Instagram had an opportunity to elevate Diwali celebrations authentically and help increase brand love from this audience.

The Insight
A New Generation Celebrating on New Channels

Platforms like Instagram are at the forefront of creating new spaces that celebrate tradition through a modern lens while culture emerges, like Diwali. In this way, our South Asian Gen Z audience can reclaim their heritage and make it their own.

Influencer Hrishi performing song for Diwali in Instagram's #shareyourlight campaign..gif
The Idea

A week-long social spotlight to share Diwali — a festival of lights — was created to bring IRL events and creator-driven programming to the mainstream — all with Instagram at the center. We partnered with 17 South Asian creators focused on food, dance, fashion and music to develop authentic and relatable content for Diwali.

The creators developed reels, videos, photos and even daily livestream programming — which included a dance and cooking class, mini concert, fashion show and gift guide. Response was overwhelmingly positive from the community, with inspired UGC being made from around the world. The campaign also included a sponsored Diwali dance class, exclusive creators dinner and a sold-out pop-up event with NYC favorite Kolkata Chai to round out the festivities.

The Impact


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