Creating a definitive voice in entertainment social with “Atlanta”

For FX Networks
Cashmere crafted and sustained the social voice of FX Networks’ “Atlanta” for all 4 seasons, turning a cult favorite into a cultural phenomenon.
The Challenge

The marketing team at FX Networks had never seen a comedic, dramatic and eclectic show quite like Donald Glover’s “Atlanta.” To tap into Glover’s existing fan base as well as cultivate a larger fan base to drive viewership, they needed the right agency partner to understand all its cultural nuances and turn those into a robust conversation on Twitter and Instagram.

The Insight
Atlanta (the City) Is a Voice, Visual and Vibe of Its Own

Atlanta, not just the show but the city, is a world unto itself. It would take a delicate balance to be rooted in the nuances of the actual city, its people, ethos and rhythms. Our social supported fan commentary that combined Black culture, hip-hop culture and internet culture in an authentic way.

The Idea
Embody the Voice of the City Beyond Show Excerpts

Cashmere broke convention and created a voice as quirky and esoteric as the show while still staying true to the city, its culture and Donald Glover’s vision. All posts on social engaged with fans on their level and let the city speak for itself. Our voice made Atlantans feel seen while helping others understand its culture — all while complementing viewing the show with extended world-building and off-the-wall content.

In its final season, the show ramped up to question its own reality, and our social approach followed suit. We created our very own custom AI bot, trained on every tweet from the @AtlantaFX handle, to generate new copy for an AI takeover from D.A.R.I.U.S. (Da Artificial Realness Inside Us) that real fans clocked right away.

The Impact

During the show’s four seasons:

> 15M

Organic social video views

> 338M

Organic social impressions

> 8M

Organic social engagements

> 880K


Unwavering fan engagement across the show’s 4 seasons (with vast hiatus gaps between)

Regularly a top 10 trending topic on Twitter despite a competitive schedule

Cast members repeatedly praised the show's social presence, complimenting its ability to capture the show’s esoteric world


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