Google TV curates entertainment with an original content series

For Google TV
Let’s find out what inspires the world’s most influential people in the world — one Google TV Watchlist at a time.
The Challenge

In the hyper-competitive streaming category, not a lot of people understood what Google TV does. Is it hardware? Software? An app? Cashmere was tasked with creating and launching the brand’s first content series to raise awareness and help consumers better understand the value Google TV brings.

The Insight
Tons of TV, But There’s No Guide

With more entertainment options than ever before, content overload is very real — and we need new ways of organizing the content we actually care about. Google TV Watchlist helps our audience avoid wasting their time scrolling through an endless sea of choices — the perfect antidote to the paradox of choice.

Portrait of actress Laverne Cox sitting on a sofa and laughing while on set for Google TV's "Watch With Me" video content series..jpg
The Idea
Watch With Me

With an original brand content series, Cashmere showed fans how Google TV is the essential platform for organizing all your streaming subscriptions for the content you want because it makes pressing play the easiest choice you’ve made all day. Watch With Me invites global icons, artists, influencers and creators from sports, music and film to sit with us and share what helped shape who they are on their Google TV Watchlist. Cashmere created videos and integrated social content and tapped top-tier talent such as Laverne Cox, Hasan Minhaj, Simu Liu, Taraji P. Henson, Chris Paul, Chloé Zhao and Andra Day for this ongoing series.

Animated GIF of Actor Simu Liu reacting surprised during Google TV's "Watch With Me" video series..gif
Portrait of actor Hasan Minhaj sitting on sofa for Google TV's "Watch With Me" video series..jpg
Animated GIF of actress Kerry Washington playfully snapping her fingers to the beat of "When You're a Jet" for Google TV's "Watch With Me".gif
The Impact


Organic video views


Organic social impressions

One Show Finalist (Branded Entertainment)

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