Google Pixel hits all the right moves with Childish Gambino

For Google Pixel
To launch Donald Glover’s new AR effect on Google Pixel, we went big — by stealing the show from the GRAMMYs and starting a viral dance-off.
The Challenge

Although Google Pixel 3 had innovative features, it had low brand awareness, low differentiation and low cultural resonance in the global smartphone market. To demonstrate its unique AR capabilities, Cashmere partnered with multi-hyphenate Donald Glover (AKA GRAMMY-Award winner Childish Gambino) to launch a new Playmoji and catapult Google Pixel 3 into the cultural zeitgeist around the world.

The Insight
Dance Is a Universal Language

Dance has become one of internet culture’s powerful and universal languages, and the intersection of mobile tech and dance enables us to connect around the world, together.

The Idea
Start a Global Dance-off With an Iconic Dancer

We invited the world into the rich capabilities of Playmojis through the power of dance with one of the most iconic dancers of our time: Childish Gambino. During the GRAMMYs, newly-awarded Childish Gambino could only be found in our exclusive AR Playmoji pack and Google Pixel 3 commercial, where he had a legendary dance battle with his Playmoji set to an unreleased track.

Additional commercials and social content featured world-renowned choreographer Sherrie Silver, who kicked off our #pixeldanceoff challenge to get dance communities tapped in from around the world. With Cashmere, Google partnered with culturally relevant influencers to get everyone down with a dance-off with the world.

Actor Donald Glover dancing side-by-side with his augmented reality self for Google Pixel's Playmoji campaign..jpg
The Impact

Increased awareness with 7% overall traffic lift to the Google Play Store

Improved cultural momentum with an 18% increase in search volume about Pixels year over year

Improved consideration with 223% increase in app downloads

8.9M earned impressions (up 318.5% YoY)

2019 Cannes Bronze Lions

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