Modern Family Airs Episode Entirely on Apple Devices


The television industry, and the way we consume content, has changed drastically over the past couple of years. DVR has taken over the entire scheduling of shows. Most stations can be watched through some sort of streaming device like Chromecast, Roku, or AppleTV. Netflix offers full TV seasons all at once. HBO is unbundling their service to offer their channel streaming on mobile only. Lots of changes are being made to the traditional models.

Another new innovation was on display on ABC last night as 5-time Emmy Award winning comedy Modern Family aired an episode shot entirely on Apple devices. The episode, titled “Connection Lost”, featured a half-hour story about the entire family communicating via devices such as iPhones, iPad, and Facetime on a Macbook. This worked well because they did not lose the core content of their series, and the writing was still very enjoyable. I am sure there will be much more content created in this fashion in the near future.

You can catch a quick recap of the episode HERE, and it’s also available on Hulu +.

Check out the YouTube promo clip for the episode HERE.

Get Ready! Eddie Huang Is Coming to ABC!

For those of you who don’t know chef, author, TV host and comedian, Eddie Huang, let us introduce you!  Best known for his thrilling restaurant Bao Haus in New York and his hilarious food/lifestyle series on VICE called Fresh Off The Boat, Eddie recently released a memoir of the same name that will now be a featured sitcom on ABC!

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CBS Features Snoop Lion’s Community Work

CBS profiled Snoop on their Sunday Morning show! Watch above as they chronicle his transition from gangsta rapper to reggae artist, and focus on his community service with SYFL, Snoop’s Youth Football League!

Thoughts on Tech: The Future of Shopping Advertisements

The Super Bowl is fast approaching, and to most non-sports fans, this day means the biggest commercial spots of the year. Throughout the years, we have seen creative campaigns from Doritos, Pepsi, and many other brands, but this year’s winner is already shaping up to be H&M. They will introducing a new advertising technology that is sure to change the old way of marketing. The technology is called “t-commerce”, which is the usage of e-commerce through your television, and was created by tech company Delivery Agent.
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Fall TV Guide Part 1!

Ah, autumn. The evening comes earlier, the weather is breezier than Chris Brown’s fan club, and the fall foliage emerges beautifully (that’s happening, right? Seasonal distinctions in LA are kind of screwy). We’re not afraid to admit that our favorite part of September is the bevy of new material in TV land (wearing sweaters is a close second)! It’s the perfect time to publish our fall TV guide! If you don’t know what to watch, we’re here to make it easy on you (cue Toyota jingle). Without further ado, here is part one of our picks for fall, curated by a couple of television fiends.
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Watch Franklin & Bash tonight!

Screen Shot 2013-08-07 at 1.24.21 PM

Tonight at 9pm, TNT’s hit legal series Franklin & Bash winds up the season of hilarious banter, unique legal battles and awkward encounters in a staggering conclusion that brings the title of this weeks episode “Shoot to Thrill” to life. We’re pretty excited for the last two episodes! Click the jump for a sneak peek!

As a precursor to the final episode of the season, Peter and Jared defend a bounty hunter (guest star Thomas Lennon) who’s been charged with excessive use of force, resulting in an F&B-style courtroom demonstration that literally blows up in their face. Jared tries to cheer Peter up by bringing him along on a double date, while Karp takes a Franklin and Bash approach to life, which ends with a drone crashing onto his deck.

Here‘s a sneak peek to tonight’s episode!

Handpicked Game of Thrones Memes!

impin-aint-easy-tryion-memeGabil in the Visual Production department and Grace in Graphics gave everyone more than enough time to watch the third season of Game of Thrones, so… SPOILER ALERT!

Here are our favorite GoT memes, after the jump.
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