LA Times Interviews Founder Ted Chung on How Cashmere Became a Go-to for Multicultural Audiences


Our Founder, Ted Chung, was recently interviewed by the LA Times about Cashmere Agency becoming a  go-to partner for understanding and engaging with multicultural audiences in the entertainment space. Through this unique ability to connect with the new multicultural market, Cashmere has tapped into the culture to connect audiences to entertainment properties from FX, Turner, Universal, Sony, Freeform, YouTube, Amazon, Netflix, Starz and more. Cashmere's ability to understand this space comes its diverse staff that comes from a variety of backgrounds, each bringing their own voice and perspective.

Chung looks back to the Hot Sauce analogy to understand why and how we are moving into a multicultural, diverse market:

“Sriracha when I was growing up was barely on the map,” he said, referencing the spicy sauce that’s everywhere now.

But Tabasco didn’t pay attention to diversity in the U.S. and the business suffered. “That’s why we’re fascinated by the amount of hot sauce on the market place,” Chung said. “[Tabasco] didn’t get ahead of the curve. They didn’t speak to a very important growing audience.”

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