Netflix’s Strong Black Lead Celebrates Culture

By Cashmere Agency Film & TV

Last night, Netflix’s Strong Black Lead held its FIRST event at Netflix FYSEE! The event celebrated Black culture with cast and crew from Netflix shows, influencers, and close friends. The guest list included Quinta B, Lil Rel, Deron Horton, Russell Hornsby, Nia Jervier, and more.

There were multiple Instagram-worthy exhibits in theme with popular Netflix shows. Guests were able to walk through the Upside Down from Stranger Things, marvel at costumes from The Crown, and get in the ring with Glow. 

Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black Cheeto art


The DJ provided classic hits that had everyone joining in on the dance floor.

Image from @StrongBlackLead (Nia Jervier, Antoinette Robertson, Courtney Sauls from Dear White People)


Strong Black Lead is a platform created by Netflix that celebrates Black culture, especially in the entertainment industry. It provides insights on the obstacles of having representation in Hollywood as well as trends that affect the Black community. Be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!