TNT’s Claws marked a significant departure for the network. Focused on a multiethnic group of women in Florida who are manicurists by day and money launderers by night, the show presented a challenge. TNT needed to reach a new demographic, and they tapped Cashmere to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign encompassing social strategy, influencer marketing, content creation, live broadcast and event production.

Inspired by the show’s main characters, we developed a first-person social voice that proved particularly effective on Twitter. We created hilarious original content that resonated with fans across channels leading to massive engagement.

Cashmere handled every aspect of Claws’ influencer marketing. Tasked with coordinating an influencer visit to the New Orleans set, we developed a curated list of influencers with engaged fan bases that aligned with Claws’ target demographic. To maximize reach, we worked with influencers to develop creative concepts that felt authentic to their fans. We facilitated a music video collaboration with legendary R&B artist Mary J. Blige, and produced a Facebook Live event featuring the cast that aired during NBA finals.

Our efforts led Claws to become a breakout hit for TNT, surpassing all projections and leading to the show’s renewal for season 3.

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