Trending Tuesday: No Means No!

We know what’s going “Up” on a Tuesday and it sure ain’t ILOVEMAKONNEN. Last night,the VP of Communications for the Washington Redskins, aggressively pulled player Colt McCoy away from an interview with a news reporter after the Monday Night Football game. McCoy only had probably one of the most memorable games of his life, only to have that moment taken by pushy publicist guy. McCoy looked eager to be greeted by the news anchor, but before he could get any words out, the Redskins publicist yanked him away by his jersey and screamed “No means No” into the cameras. #NoMeansNo has now gone viral on the internet. Football fans (and those who just didn’t feel like working today) are all talking about McCoy’s rude interruption or shall we say media interception? No.


Trending Tuesday: Ebola

News stations all across America are on high alert for the latest news covering the Ebola virus. People are scared and keeping close tabs on this highly sensitive issue. Some are torn between whether or not it’s the latest epidemic or just something that’s being blown way out of proportion. There are thousands of funny memes on instagram poking fun at the virus. One thing is for certain and that is that no one is certain about how serious this disease really is. Some memes go as far as to ask “Is Ebola a Country?” While other memes say “I went to school with Ebola, she cool”.


LA 4 Gaza

This Monday! Discostan and Radio Sombra present LA 4 GAZA, a benefit event mobilizing socially conscious artists to assist the civilians of Gaza in the aftermath of the most recent 50-day war waged against them. Find out more here!

Wearable Wednesday: Fashion Week Paris!

Outside the Chanel Show at the Grand Palais

Last week I had the glorious chance to spend some time in Paris during (in my opinion) the best time of year- Fall Fashion Week! Strutting around the Louvre we had the chance to check out some of the hottest fashions this season and take a peek into a few show rooms. Check out some of the street fashion here!

Trending Tuesday: Respect The West T-Shirts

Don’t be shy. We know you love the West Coast. Go ahead and express your love by wearing a limited edition Respect The West Cali Waves T-Shirt! Celebrate the culture and lifestyle of the new rising west coast movement.

These shirts are only available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY, so grab one today and share with your friends. After Oct 13 they will be gone forever!

Purchase Tees here: Tilt.LT/rtw1

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Wearable Wednesday: The North Face Fall/Winter Collection

Check out The North Face fall/winter collection and find out how to cozy up here!

Wearable Wednesday: Warby Parker

Warby Parker has opened its first store on the West side of LA on Abbot Kinney in Venice. The new store has sleek glass walls and an open floor plan that makes it stand out on the block. Check out their online store here!

Trending Tuesdays: #itsHot

That’s right folks the Sun is trending. Just when you thought it was safe to put away your daisy dukes and gladiator sandals, it looks like you may have to wait just a smidgen longer. In case you haven’t noticed we are experiencing our annual end of the summer heat wave also known as “Indian Summer”. Thousands of people have taken to social media to show the world how they beat the heat! Below are my top 3 ways to stay cool during the next few weeks:

1). Go Shopping. If you are like me and ballin’ on a budget then go window-shopping. The mall has free AC, food, drinks, hot guys and gals etc. Doesn’t this sound a whole lot better than melting in your apartment? Thought so.

2). Eat Frozen Foods. The best frozen treat to make on a hot day is wine Popsicles. If you’re anything like me and love a bottle glass of wine after a long day of work then this is the perfect frozen treat for you. It’s super easy to make because all you need is wine or any alcohol, sticks, Dixie cups and a blender. Buzz feed has a pretty awesome list here. Oh, and if you aren’t a drinker and/or you don’t have access to these things, then use Kool Aid. You can make popsicles with that.

3). Find a Pool and Jump In. This is a free and easy solution to staying cool. If you’re worried about someone calling the cops, don’t. Listen Linda it’s too hot they’ll understand.

Elliott Wilson’s CRWN Interview Series With DJ Mustard

Check out Elliott Wilson’s all-new episode of the CRWN Series with DJ Mustard. Elliott Wilson held his first ever taping of the CRWN Series in Los Angeles on August 26th. Find out about DJ Mustard’s album 10 Summers and what’s up next for the super producer in part one of the interview here!

Wearable Wednesday: Falling Into September

Can you believe it is September already? That means leafs beginning to change color, back to school for the youngsters and of course amazing Fall/Winter collections! Check out Joyce’s new collection of cozy sweaters and furry wrap ups with bold prints and patterns in line with the Hong-Kong based boutique’s notable aesthetic here!


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