Cashmere Quick Hits 12/10

By Cashmere Agency Film & TV, Lifestyle, Tech

Today’s Cashmere Quick Hits discusses how food delivery services won our hears in 2018, the bleak future of TV ad sales, and Walmart’s newest online model.

Door Dash

DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub Wooed Consumers In 2018

Morning Consult tested 12 political issues with consumers by asking them whether they would support companies that speak out on each of the issues. The top three issues that were not controversial for brands to champion were civil rights, criminal justice, and LGBTQ rights. The top three that were controversial were abortion, anthem protesting, and immigration. Gun control landed somewhere in the middle.  

The study outlined the brands that wooed the hearts and the minds of consumers in 2018.Delivery apps had a good year in 2018, especially those delivering food. DoorDash, UberEats, and Grubhub all saw double-digit growth in the percentage of consumers who recognized their brand since the beginning of the year.



At Least 50% Of TV Ad Jobs Will Be Gone In 5 Years

For people who work in TV advertising, the next five years are bound to be bumpy —but not because everyone is “cutting the cord,” leaving no one to watch TV anymore. In fact, TV viewing — even old-fashioned linear viewing — is likely to remain quite resilient.No, the next five years will bring us significant shifts across the entire advertising ecosystem — changes that will impact the TV advertising world more significantly than relative shifts in media consumption might suggest.



Walmart Launches In-Store Ordering For Online Products

Walmart has introduced a new mobile app to enable store associates to accept in-aisle orders for items from will be able to pay for the items using credit cards, cash, debit cards or Walmart Pay.With the new service, a Walmart shopper who cannot find a particular product in the store, since the product may be sold out or not be the correct brand or size, can contact any nearby store associate. The associate then can use their in-store device to help the customer select the right item.



hot and spicy

With More Consumers Craving Hot and Spicy Products, Here’s How to Harness the Heat

Spicy food, for lack of better words, is hot right now. According to global flavoring company Kalsec, consumer interest in hot and spicy ingredients has increased 10 years in a row, with more than 22,000 new hot and spicy products introduced in 2017 compared to the 18,000 that were introduced in 2016.

“I think the trend has gone from shaking a bit of hot sauce on something to give it some heat to present day where consumers have a better understanding of how chili peppers can add depth and layering of both heat and flavor,” says Hadley Katzenbach, culinary development chef at food company Southeastern Mills.