Cashmere Quick Hits 11/19

By Cashmere Agency Film & TV, Lifestyle

We’d like to introduce to you our weekly Cashmere Quick Hits. Starting today, our Creative Strategy team will deliver three stories aimed at giving you more insight into Hollywood and the business every Monday morning!

Kids TV

Kids TV Records More Viewer Declines, But Higher Ad Pricing

Linear TV kids show viewing has continued its sharp declines over the last few years — down nearly 50% since 2011 — as network affiliate fees for kids networks and advertising pricing keep climbing.

Todd Juenger, senior media analyst for Bernstein Research, says the three main cable TV kids networks — Nickelodeon, Disney XD and Cartoon Network — have now declined 63% in total viewership since 2011. The trio of networks group having slipped 26 of the past 28 quarters.




As TV’s Fall Ratings Crumble, Feel Free to Blame the Millennials

According to Nielsen data, broadcasters last month averaged 7.98 million adults 18-49 in primetime, which marked a 22 percent decline versus the 10.2 million members of the dollar demo who tuned in two years ago. In other words, during the month in which viewers are invited to sample the bounty of the fall season, ratings were lower than they have ever been.

...The results at the other three broadcast nets are more in keeping with the overall TV usage data, which suggests that nearly 20 percent of the youngest members (adults 18-24) of the buying demo had ditched TV last month for video games, social media and/or unmeasured, unmonetized screen time.





Many Turn to YouTube for Children’s Content, News, How-To Lessons

A new Pew Research Center survey of U.S. adults finds that users are turning to YouTube for much more than entertainment. Roughly half of YouTube users say the platform is very important for helping them figure out how to do things they’ve never done before. That works out to 35% of all U.S. adults, once both users and non-users of the site are accounted for. And around one-in-five YouTube users (representing 13% of the total adult population) say it is very important for helping them understand events that are happening in the world.

The findings also highlight YouTube’s key role in providing content for children. Fully 81% of all parents with children age 11 or younger say they ever let their child watch videos on YouTube. And 34% of parents say their child watches content on YouTube regularly. It should be noted that YouTube explicitly states that the platform is not intended for children younger than 13, and that the site provides a YouTube Kids option for children that has enhanced parental controls.