Cashmere Quick Hits 1/22

By Cashmere Agency Our Work, Sports, Tech

From eSports to Skittles Super Bowl commercials, our strategy team is back with this week’s Quick Hits locking in on the wonderful world of sports!


How Would a Global Esports Federation Function?

Esports has built global competition structures and communities at a speed unheard of in modern sports. Increasing investor and sponsor interest has led to some elements of stability within the industry, such as franchising and minimum player guarantees, however professional video gaming lacks many of the safeguards and governance that are ubiquitous in its centuries-old athletic counterparts.

Source: eSports Observer


ESPN Beefs Up ESPN+ Product

Now that its ESPN+ streaming service has more than 1 million subscribers, ESPN wants to make sure they remain subscribers.

While the company has been adding new sports rights to the service (most notably UFC and college basketball games), it is also building out its product: the infrastructure and apps that deliver those games to subscribers.

Source: Media Post


Skittles Skips Super Bowl, Stages Own Broadway Musical

When it comes to over-the-top alternatives to buying Super Bowl ad time, Skittles seems to be the one to beat.  Last year, the colorful Mars candy brand and DDB created “the most exclusive Super Bowl ad ever” — an ad, starring David Schwimmer, that was shown to only one person on Super Bowl day: Marcos Menendez, a teen fan from California.

Source: Media Post