AQUAFINA – Flavorsplash – Kik X The Art of Chase

To introduce Aquafina FlavorSplash to a young, digital audience, we worked with The Art of Chase to create custom sticker sets native only to Kik Messenger.

We partnered with renowned street muralist The Art of Chase to create branded FlavorSplash stickers and emojis, 24 in all, as a free offering within the Kik Messenger app, an emerging messaging app popular within the youth market. Cashmere distributed the FlavorSplash-branded sticker packs strategically throughout the year across three separate activations for the back to school season, winter break, and summer vacation.

For the launch of Aquafina’s new line of flavored sparkling waters, Pepsi Co. was looking to explore a new and interactive way to advertise to teenage girls, their key target audience. They looked to Cashmere’s expertise in youth market trends to raise brand awareness for FlavorSplash in a natural and authentic way.

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