Brianne Pins

Vice president, public relations


As Vice President of Public Relations at Cashmere Agency, Brianne Pins oversees targeted public relations campaigns and influencer marketing to build overall brand awareness for clients through strategic storytelling and content creation. With over a decade of PR experience, Brianne boasts an attuned knowledge of public relations and Influencers in the fields of entertainment, technology, consumer, lifestyle, culture and corporate arenas.  At Cashmere, Brianne strategically leads PR and Influencer strategy for clients, including: Universal Pictures, Netflix, Google, FOX, Snoop Dogg, Jack In The Box and more.

Brianne began her career in corporate communication, consumer, health care and public education campaigns at The Rogers Group, where she worked on strategic communications for clients; including The State of California, Blue Cross Blue Shield and Kellogg’s. After her foundation was built, she went on to 5WPR, where she honed her skills in the entertainment and technology industries. Brianne then joined Myspace Music as Communications Manager, where she spearheaded PR efforts for the company’s consumer and business offerings, as well as their content initiatives.

Brianne is a native of Des Moines, IA and holds a BA in Communications from the University of Iowa.  Outside her passion for PR, Brianne loves music, cooking, entertaining and traveling the world. She enjoys everything LA has to offer - including hiking, museums and cultural events.