Women's March Makes History

This past Saturday on Januar 21st, women and men from all over the world came together to champion equality and raise awareness for women's rights. The day will be remembered as the largest inaugural march in U.S. history. Photos taken of the crowds underscore the incredible scope and influence of these marches. The Women's March that took place in Washington D.C. drew hundreds of thousands of people, and their messages of peace and positivity resonated all over the world.womens march 2Here in Los Angeles, those who attended the Women's March stood in solidarity, speaking out against misogyny, violence and discrimination. More than half a million people turned out in downtown L.A, including many celebrities eager to utilize their public platforms to make a difference - Miley Cyrus, Jane Fonda, Natalie Portman just to name a few.Crowds were inspired and moved by speeches from individuals including mayor Eric Garcetti, Laverne Cox and Kerry Washington. Like many social movements and issues in the 21st century, social media played a significant role - with photos of protestors going viral. The marches serve as an important reminder that hope, peace, and supporting one another should always be top priorities. 

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