Why Young Thug's Newest Music Video is Iconic

Young Thug aka Thugger is set to take 2017 by storm.When he dropped his latest mixtape, "No, My Name is Jeffery," last September, he set social media ablaze with its viral, gender-bending album cover (see photo above). Young Thug did more than pose for a photo in a skirt, he challenged gender stereotypes as a black male in an overwhelmingly male dominated landscape. Building on his statement, Young Thug is cementing himself in the fashion and artistic world, making headlines as he adjusted a model's outfit on the VFILES runway at NYFW late September. As a collaborator and a mentor for the VFILES show, Young Thug is breaking out of the mold and becoming a mainstay not only in rap/hip-hop, but in fashion and artistic direction.Which leads us to his latest foray into combining his music with a unique artistic twist. Take a few minutes to watch his latest music video for his track "Wyclef Jean" if you haven't yet. IT'S WELL WORTH IT![embed]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9L3j-lVLwk&feature=youtu.be[/embed]We here at Cashmere, along with pretty much everyone else on social media, are buzzing about this uniquely inspired video. Young Thug took what could have been your standard music video, and mixed it with a sharp self-aware comic twist....without doing anything at all. The video arguably became 2017's first iconic music video. But before we give nod to Thug for signing off on this genius project, let us give credit to its creator, director Pomp&Clout.It's an incredibly smart choice on Young Thug's part to create something that makes a few funny jabs at the rap/hip-hop scene, it continues to grow his persona that is out-of-the-box, self-aware, and cutting edge.This video is similar to how we here at Cashmere view our marketing campaigns whenever possible: smart, authentic, and funny when appropriate. Taking Young Thug's lead this 2017, we'll continue to strive to break the mold when it comes to marketing, social media, and PR.