Who Will Replace Zayn? #1D

It is a sad sad day for One Directioners everywhere. News broke today about Zayn Malik leaving his five-year-old pop group behind. The British sensation's band members originally met on the Simon Cowell show X-Factor, when Simon himself grouped the solo artists together. Following controversy in the tabloids of Malik with another woman, Zayn has decided to leave the band.This devastating news even has Simon Cowell saying, "I am truly sorry to see him leave."All of this is happening in the midst of the One Direction world tour, which begs the question...who will replace Zayn? Well look no further, my fellow Cashmerians have the answer to this important question.Our PicksRyan Ford: Kevin Hart (Comedian/ amateur singer)Theresa Moctezuma: Paul McCartney (Former pop boy-band member)Tia Jackson: Sophia Grace (British rap sensation)Kyle Dineen: Karrueche Tran (Aspiring model)Rahael Asfaw: Ferdinand Motley V (Legend)