What's Happening to EDM in LA County?

Halloween weekend is always a treat, but not for some attendees of the annual HARD Day of the Dead festival in Pomona and Escape: Psycho Circus festival in San Bernardino.Over the course of two days, nearly 500 individuals were arrested at these two festivals (310 at HARD, 180 at Escape) on various charges of public intoxication, possession of illegal drugs, being under the influence of a controlled substance, or carrying fake identification.After the deaths of two young women at HARD Summer due to apparent drug overdose, Live Nation cracked down on security measures at its raves by reducing HARD Day of the Dead by 25,000 tickets, instituting a 21-and-over policy, and increasing on-site medical and security services. The best attribute of HARD was its use of the Fairplex's two massive outdoor stages, which were relegated to five indoor stages - still explosive, but underwhelming comparatively. Ultimately, only 20,000 rave-goers attended, drastically reducing the signature high-energy atmosphere and perhaps sounding the death knell for EDM festivals in Los Angeles.Read more here.