What's Coming Up in 2017: Must Watch TV

It's 4 days into 2017 and our team here at Cashmere are already planning their schedules to make sure they don't miss this year's slate of shows! From freshmen show's, to 2nd season returners, to pop culture mainstays, there's a lot of titles to get excited about. Here's a short list of shows that might be on your list too.Legion (FX Networks)Premiering Feb. 8, FX and Marvel's new X-Men inspired series has already been dropping mysterious hints and brain bending assets you should take a look at on their Instagram page.Atlanta (FX Networks)We've been raving about Donald Glover's standout series, and it's renewal for a S2 was welcome news - it's returning this fall and while we can barely contain ourselves, the Twitter account is still going strong, that will hold us off for now.The Bachelor (ABC)More of a guilty pleasure here at Cashmere, we tuned in to the premiere of S21 (wow!) and were immediately swept up in the over the top drama that makes the show - catch up here and tune in next week!OINTB (Netflix Original Series)The ladies are back for S5 and after S4's cliffhanger we're excited to get back into Lichtfield and see were the show takes us this June - if you want to get an inside look into the background stories of each inmate, you can find it here.Game of Thrones (HBO)Rounding off our list is the hands down most talked about show, not only in our office but for the rest of our fellow TV lovers, coming back this summer! If you don't have the time to catch up on the past 6 seasons, this is a great recap of S1-5 and S6.This is not to say there aren't a slew of other shows this year that we're talking about - American Gods will be premiering on Starz with a great multicultural cast, 24 is being rebooted in Fox's 24: Legacy, Kerry Washington returns on Scandal, and the hilarious Julia Louis-Dreyfus is back with Veep. The Vulture put together a longer list of 23 shows you can get behind this year!