Weekend Recap: Thanksgiving Edition

Weekend Recap Thanksgiving 2013Oh, Thanksgiving. The purity and joy of dedicating time to family and friends mixed with the hedonism of feasting, shopping, and lounging about — truly a holiday that merges the best of both worlds. Our long weekend certainly played on this duality. Naturally, we devoured amazing meals, cheered on our football teams, hit the theaters, played games, and took in nature's beauty with our nearest and dearest!MistyFirst and foremost, my alma mater the Missouri Tigers is headed to the SEC Championship against the Auburn Tigers. To the naysayers and doubters, we thank you.Also, this weekend, I thoroughly enjoyed food and fellowship with my family for Thanksgiving and checked out the musical Black Nativity, in theaters now. It has a great message and wonderful cast starring Angela Bassett, Forest Whitaker, Jennifer Hudson, Jacob Latimore, Tyrese, Nas, and Mary J. Blige. –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)kristenI was too busy stuffing my face to take any photos of food, but here is a classic photo of my family gambling after feasting. Needless to say it got intense. Lol! –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)joeyMy Thanksgiving celebration took me all across the state, from Sacramento to the San Gabriel Valley. A traditional Thanksgiving feast was followed up by asada tacos from Chando's (old N. Sac) and xiao long bao from Din Tai Fung (Arcadia). Tis' the season for eating. –Joey (Twitter|Instagram)kylesphotoThis was a part of our Thanksgiving feast with my family. The awesome thing about this spread was it was all made entirely by the grandkids for the first time ever. The parents got to sit back and enjoy the feast without having to cook! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)ronarona 2We feasted on super delectable seasonal pies this Thanksgiving! —Rona (Twitter|Instagram)kelluSpent Thanksgiving with a few fellow Cashmerians who don't have immediate family nearby and had one of the best Thanksgiving meals in a long time! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)breeThis weekend after all of the Thanksgiving feasting and leftovers, I went to go see Hunger Games: Catching Fire. I was a bit apprehensive because I didn't see the first movie or read any of the books. I was taken by surprise how much I enjoyed the film and went home that day and watched the first one! I can't wait for the third film! I also did some Black Friday shopping which was fun! —Bree (Twitter|Instagram)brianne1brianne2I had a great time over Thanksgiving with my family — eating, relaxing and hiking at Red Rocks in Las Vegas... –Brianne (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/hSt30NDK8f/Had a super solid Thanksgiving meal with Brazilian accents like stroganoff in the Brazilian style, pão de queijo (cheese bread), guarana (Brazilian soda), and more. I made more traditional American dishes: cornbread stuffing and balsamic brussels sprouts with glazed ham. Ended the night by playing the stellar, simple boardless word game Bananagrams and Heads Up, the charades game of Ellen show fame. Not gonna lie — I won 3/5 games of Bananagrams! I guess you could call me a chimp — I mean champ! Seriously, I meant champ. Cue groans. —Diana (Twitter|Instagram)