Weekend Recap: Mother's Day Edition!

Weekend Recap Mother's Day[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pQ4Rnba85o8&w=700&h=394]Everyone (okay, mostly everyone) in the office knows that I love "Kid President," aka Robbie Novak. His latest video release for Mother's Day was one of my highlights this weekend. Watch it above! Other than that, I celebrated Mother's Day with my parents long-distance. Also, I went to the "show" (Midwest term for the movies) and saw Peeples which was surprisingly funny, and Iron Man 3 in 3-D which just made me feel like I missed out on so much being that I haven't seen 1 and 2. Lol! –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)l-1After seeing Iron Man 3 (meh), I went to Wirtshaus for the first time. They have German sausages made with elk, rabbit, duck, and bacon. Even though I'm not the biggest sausage fan, they were so delicious with beer! I would tell you what beer I had but I pulled the "I want a pale ale; surprise me!" so I have no idea what I had. –Grace (Twitter|Instagram)photoSome friends and I were out in downtown LA scouting out locations for a warehouse party. We stumbled across the LA Brewery, which in reality is a huge artist commune with some amazing work. Later I went to a friends birthday party at the Wellsbourne. Yesterday, my cousin and I made brunch for my aunts and grandma, and finished up at an old friend's house for a dinner party. I couldn't help but Snoopify all of my photos this weekend; above is the best one! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)photoThe highlight of my weekend was spending it with my family. Isn't that what life is about?! –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)PhotoGrid_1368467221930I wasn’t the only one trying to get some sun this weekend, with the temps nearing triple digits… #concretejungle #sunbathing #babydinosaur –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)This weekend I spent my Saturday working a club night doing light design and playing back live visuals for a new monthly party called "Bassline LA." There's nothing like being in a club raving out with your computers. –Whoopi (Twitter|Instagram)photo (1)This weekend, I went to see The Great Gatsby at The Grove. We got into the indulgent spirit of the movie with dinner and cocktails at Gordon Ramsay's Fat Cow. –Sarah (Twitter|Instagram)kyle mothers dayI spent Mother's Day with my family eating good food, watching sports, and getting schooled by my little cousins on the Snoopify app; they made this awesome rendition of my mom and sister! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)518f83a98f4e6Clover_retouch-6090I tried out Goldie's for brunch on Saturday — the ambiance was great, the food was so-so. Afterwards, I picked up a fresh juice from Clover! –Hila (Twitter|Instagram)