Weekend Recap: Fourth of July 2013

july42013weekendrecapCashmere just enjoyed an awesome 4th of July four-day weekend: yachting, travel, partying, hookah, and of course, fireworks! This recap is pretty epic — click the jump to find out what we did!photo 1photo 2I took it easy on the 4th and watched some epic fireworks in Marina Del Rey. I topped off the weekend by coming to New York and hanging out with good friends! —Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRqylP2E7Xc&w=640&h=360]My 4th of July weekend was packed with fun and work. I spent the patriotic holiday on a yacht at the Marina Yacht Club with a couple of friends. We may or may not have done donuts in the Marina and almost drowned...1052665_484392331639296_837931872_o-1My Friday and Saturday night was spent doing live stage design for dubstep OG, 12th Planet, and DJ duo, the EC Twins at Create Nightclub in Hollywood. Click the instavideo above to check out the live pixels I pushed to their massive LED wall!! –Whoopi (Twitter|Instagram)photo-1Wednesday, we had a welcome back dinner for one of our dearest friends Mimi aka "the baddest betch." Thursday, it was the perfect weather to have a BBQ by the beach. I met the cutest dog, Finley, who was the life of the party! Saturday, I helped my brother make 100 Quinoa Krispy Treats for his new business venture called "LOL Treats" (it will be in stores soon!) After I got my Martha Stewart on, I decided to channel my inner Tiger Woods and coached some of my friends on playing golf (since I'm that great). Sunday, I ended my weekend at my second home, Lock and Key! –Annie (Twitter|Instagram)noname-1nonameI felt like it would be a very LA thing to do to watch fireworks while eating sushi. Takami, a DTLA restaurant that sits atop a skyscraper, offered the perfect spot. There’s nothing like watching the fireworks from up high! –Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)DSC00321162c962f-0416-4f40-b995-5282294f1f18wallpaperThere's nothing premature about celebrating the transition from adolescence to teenagehood with a birthday cake that says 92. Two days before celebrating our country's independence, my family celebrated my sister's 13th birthday with a poorly decorated cake, the victim of our candle shortage. Fortunately, we'd kept the digits 9 and 2 and 2 other single candles from who-knows-which previous birthdays, and managed to scrape together the digits for a grand total of 13.The birthday celebration extended into a three-day weekend getaway to sunny San Diego, where we joyously waited in hour-long lines at Legoland, met Darth Vader, and surrendered to the strangeness of seals at Sea World. –Qing Qing (Twitter|Instagram)egardepeweekendupdateI was cat sitting this weekend, I really miss this kitten!egardepeweekendupdate2I also stopped by Anime Expo this weekend to see the sights and shoot some film–Eliot (Twitter|Instagram)exportJust got back from a trip to Turkey where I spent time with my family, who I haven't seen since 2007. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)weekendrecapThis weekend, for the 4th of July, I watched the Pasadena Rose Bowl fireworks show (Southern California's biggest firework show) in a random nearby neighborhood. Surprisingly I had the most perfect view in a packed busy neighborhood. (Best firework show I've ever seen in my life!) It was also a sad day in UFC history this weekend for former undefeated champion, Anderson Silva. Silva was knocked out, but he got himself knocked out. Lesson of the day from UFC162: Respect every opponent, even if you have them figured out. The good thing about this outcome is that now, Weidman (winner) will be fighting Vitor Belfort for the title, and I am $500 sure Vitor's gonna win. I can't wait for the title fight. I also went to Chinatown and got two turtles! Jameson and Mandalay. Finally, although I am a weekend late, Nasty Dogg was on stage with Snoop Dogg at the BET Experience with the biggest "cigar" I have ever rolled! Nice to see my custom-rolled artwork on stage! :) –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)photo 1 (2)photo 2 (2)This lovely long weekend I took care of this little french bulldog named Finley & finally rode a tandem bike! I also saw some DIY fireworks! –Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)recap2better tyra recap (1)I had a packed holiday weekend! I headed out to Palm Springs for the 4th, where the artists I manage, Midnight Therapy, were throwing down some house music at the Saguaro Hotel pool party! Then, I headed back to the valley to witness the fabulous and long-awaited wedding of my two friends Rachel and Tyler! Mazel tov, TYRA! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)6a3fcbcab3b411e2ac8a22000a9e2947_7Friday, I worked at Hollister for eight hours and finished my shift with intentions of going out. My coworker and I met up at her house, listened to Magna Carta Holy Grail with her parents and enjoyed the white gummy bear flavored hookah on a calm misty night (Morgan Freeman voice). Saturday, I awoke once again to a fun-filled day of working at the mall -.-. After completing my shift, I traveled to the studio to work on debut music and to have conversations with ASAP Twelvy (affiliate from A$AP Mob) and Black Milk. Ultimately, my Saturday night consisted of writing music and organizing sounds. Sunday came around a couple of hours later. It was my day off, so obviously I made pancakes and played Call of Duty like I was 7. I also ran around handling the errands of being 18: bank deposits, getting your little brother In-N-Out, etc. My weekend was very subtle, yet enjoyable. My picture you ask? Well... I think this a pretty accurate photo. –Tre (Twitter|Instagram)20130630_183543 After a long weekend of running around, I just chilled at home on Sunday and admired my avocado tree. Looks like it's going to be a good harvest this year! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)photo 1-1photo 2-1photo 3-1This past holiday weekend, I spent time relaxing in the City of Angels. I spent time with friends on the 4th, did the Culver City Stairs, soaked up some sun at my pool (and saw some skywriting messages) and cooked brunch for friends. –Brianne (Twitter|Instagram)kyle weekend 1This was one of the most fun-filled four-day weekends I have had in a long time. Of course, it kicked off with the 4th of July festivities. Judging by the picture collage above, you can see how my day escalated rather quickly. I started off with a mellow pool party/BBQ in the Hollywood Hills, while enjoying some great italian cooking from my friend's neighbor. We moved the party (and the cases of Fireman's Brew) to Monterey Park to my old roommate's backyard. This party started out as a chill backyard drinking and hookah session, and ended with a bang (literally a big bang when we lit off our Disneyland-rivaled firework show in the yard)!!kyle weekend 2I spent the rest of the weekend preparing for a fundraiser I was hosting at The King King in Hollywood. The party boasted a full lineup of performances from a jam band, to famous hip-hop dancers The Kinjaz, to local favorite DJ's Them Jeans and Josh Billings. I even got to close out the night with a 80's-inspired 2 a.m. disco set. I took a little video recap on Instagram to show the different performances. We raised over $2,500 for a youth summer camp my friends and I started in LA, so it was a super successful night! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)image-1My dog was acting up this 4th of July! 4 a.m., caught him creepin'. –JP (Twitter|Instagram)nye_brown_gallery1nye_brown_gallery2This weekend, I stopped by Nye+Brown Gallery on La Cienega to check out "On & Off," an exhibition of light and sound based installation works by artist Johannes Girardoni. After walking through the main room and interacting with the motion detector activated light/audio installation, you move to the main room which features a giant pod that you enter and sit inside as you're bathed in a spectrum of colors and ambient sounds. Check out this short clip I posted to Vine to get a better idea of how it looks. –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)ImageFourth of July Weekend was busier than I could imagine. I spent my time with family as we painted the town red — from purchasing a new car and watching my favorites actors in The Heat and White House Down (so good!) to shopping at our hotspots and hiking up to the Hollywood sign in dress clothes, LOL. Fab times! –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)969006_10151672806101132_1525388585_n-1Unlike most July 4th celebrations, I started my festivities a day early with family and friends. Through the culinary skills of my cousins, I was able to enjoy a sumptuous array of BBQ treats like hot dogs, hamburgers and some red-hot chili. Aside from the traditional menu, I also savored some Korean BBQ, which featured tasty delights like Korean short ribs and marinated Korean style beef. Following this indulgence of food, I played a quick round of miniature golf where I reigned supreme. My most interesting sojourn of the weekend was on Friday when I visited San Diego for a night filled with 21+ fun. My crew and I ventured to the Gaslamp District on Friday night to Stingaree Nightclub, which was packed with trendy cats and vibrant music. The most salient facet of the night was when Xzibit came to the mic. It was an epic night, which featured a variety of epic stories that I cannot disclose. On Saturday, I watched World War Z, which was an action film, filled with zombies. While I generally shy away from the zombie films, this movie evinced me that zombies could be pretty intriguing. Brad Pitt’s acting was unsurprisingly majestic and the overall plot was actually strong. Thumbs Up to World War Z. That is all for my weekend recap. Till next time! Salute and Live Strong. –Ganesh (Twitter)Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.45.48 PM (1)For the 4th of July weekend I went to Karaoke night in Westwood with a few old time friends from high school. We performed an epic rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. Our fun filled performance encouraged everyone to join in so that by the end there were more people on the stage than in the audience. It was a great night and a good way to celebrate the long weekend! –Emily (Twitter|Instagram)fcd12914e53411e282a722000a1f9d5f_7PhotoGrid_1373333013585The main goal of my long weekend was ultimate relaxation (though it may appear to have been food, judging from my photo). Both of those things went down! On the 4th of July, we grilled some seafood, played Apples to Apples, and had a beachside holiday in Redondo with friends, family, and fireworks! Friday, I went shopping, went to the beach, enjoyed some Korean food, and caught up on seasons 3-5 of The Office — yes, I'm on the late train. My favorite characters are Kelly, Creed, and Dwight because they're the most hilariously flawed, in my opinion. Saturday, I went to Artesia to enjoy some pani puris and dosas at my favorite Indian joint, Surati Farsan Mart. Sunday, I relaxed and cooked up a storm! —Diana (Twitter|Instagram)