Weekend Recap - Cashmere x Stampede Holiday Party 2014 Edition

This past weekend was our annual Cashmere x Stampede holiday party at Koreatown's The Line Hotel. From the special 5 course tasting menu at POT to intense poker playing, the whole night was just filled with non-stop fun and thanking one another for all their work throughout the year. We also had a special guest: Snoop Dogg!image1 (5) Never been prouder to be a part of the Cashmere & Stampede family! I had so much fun and feel inspired and motivated for an awesome 2015!!!–Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)  IMG_5543 (1)I had a great time at the Cashmere holiday party. It was lots of fun eating the great food from Pot, seeing the awesome recap of our year, and hanging out with everyone outside the office. I also spent a lot of the time hanging with my good friend Hennessy. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)  IMG_5351IMG_5359IMG_5363IMG_5297JC (Twitter|Instagram)  cabo_san_lucas,_mexico_pictures Hit my 5 year mark at Cashmere Agency this year and was awarded a FREE trip to Cabo!! Who wants to go with me?? –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)  PR The PR team had a blast at our holiday party. What a great way to end the year feeling inspired! Ready for what 2015 has in store! —Bree (Twitter|Instagram)  IMG_0382 The wonderful ladies of Cashmere :) Didn't take that many pictures of the night since all of us were having way too much fun but managed to sneak this in before things started to get crazy. Such positive vibes from the whole company - it was great to see that Cashmere not only works well professionally but also on a personal level as well. –Michelle (Instagram)  IMG_5305I spent Saturday hanging out with my best friend Allen. His level-headedness saved me from acting like a fool - as good friends should!! –Neville (Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/wmgpRXyRBl/The big Dogg himself surprised us at our holiday party this weekend and everyone got turnt. Let's just say my morning the next day wasn't too pleasant. –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)