Weekend Recap

20150815_212359Had the pleasure of attending my first Haitian wedding last Saturday. Food and music was amazing! –Kelly(Twitter|Instagram) https://instagram.com/p/6eDLizlR8T/I have a friend who lives in Flagstaff, who always drives out to LA for our events and hang outs, so my friends and I decided to surprise him with a trip out to AZ. Spent a few days kayaking and camping down the Colorado River and Horseshoe Bend. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagramstraight_outta_compton_ver7_xlgI finally watched Straight Outta Compton yesterday! I went to the earliest showing in the morning (at 10:40 am) and it was actually sold out! Very exciting to see how well this movie is doing and how many people are curious about N.W.A's story! –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)IMG_8142I took advantage of the sun and went to a yoga class by One Down Dog on the rooftop of the Line Hotel. Then I rewarded myself with brunch at the Commissary and a dip in the pool! -Katiehttps://instagram.com/p/6de78myRNc/Finally got to check out the Commissary at the Line Hotel for brunch on Sunday. I had the brioche eggs benedict which were pretty tasty. The Pimp's Cup cocktail that I had was amazing though. -Allen (Twitter|Instagram)