Weekend Recap

IMG_6105I took it easy this weekend –Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)IMG_7008I went to Venice Beach this weekend and hung out on the balcony at the Mobli office. As you can see we had a killer view and it was great to just clear my mind and "people watch" for an afternoon. –Tia (Twitter|Instagram)IMG_2689My parents came into town for the weekend and I spent Father's Day with my dad. We went to this great Italian restaurant in Santa Monica called Vito that everyone should go check out if you haven't been there yet. Everything was really good and they have amazing cannoli's too! Jake (Twitter | Instagram)IMG_4725Spent Saturday tasting beers at a few breweries in San Diego, along with this awesome view of the bay from our hotel. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)dessert_trays_Wicked_Spoon_BuffetI went to Vegas this weekend with some of my friends. They all went to EDC but my best friend and I avoided the 118 degree weather and got brunch at Wicked Spoon on Saturday, then spent all day at the Venetian day spa. We hit up another buffet for dinner but it wasn't as good as the spread at the Cosmo so I won't mention where we went. It was by far the most relaxing weekend I've ever had in Vegas. –Annie (Twitter)unnamed (15)My entire weekend comprised of this.... –Allen Yang (Instagram)image1 (21)I celebrated an early Father's Day with my in-laws on Saturday with some really good authentic Mexican food at Aqui Es Texcoco in Commerce before watching the new Pixar movie Inside Out. Although I'm usually not big on animated movies, I'm a bit of a psychology nerd and actually really enjoyed this one! –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)house-of-lies-headerThis weekend I caught up with the Showtime show, House of Lies. I forgot how much I LOVED the show and it was great to binge watch all of season 4 in one weekend. Highly recommend everyone watching this show!!! BTW Don Cheadle and Kristen Bell.... amazing.–Michelle (Instagram)