Weekend Recap

IMG_1521IMG_1523IMG_1532This weekend Cashmere had to opportunity to go to a private tasting for the second location of Humble Potato. Great food, great music, and definitely great vibes! One of my favorite dishes that I tried was the chicken wings and garlic fries.... to die for! Thank you Humble Potato for the amazing hospitality! Check out their Instagram here!Michelle (Instagram)



AngelsAfter work, I joined some of my favorite Cashmerians at the new Humble Potato in Culver City, the food was amazing! Later in the evening, I went to dinner to celebrate my mother's birthday with close family friends at the Reunion in Anaheim Hills. On Saturday night, I went to the Angels baseball game my two cousins. Then on Sunday I had a lazy day and went to the movies to see Adaline. –Candace (Instagram)



IMG_4340With the weather being awesome yesterday, my friends and I had a pool party and bbq yesterday down in Irvine. It was nice to spend the whole day outside with food, beer, and good company. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)



imageI watched A Girl Walks Alone At Night. Great movie, I recommend it. - Allen Yang



Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.01.50 AMI went to Palm Springs and encountered these robots. –Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)



MV5BMjMzNjMyMjU2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMzA3NjQ0MzE@._V1_SX640_SY720_Escaped the rain on Sat and watched a great horror/love story A Girl Walks Home Alone At Night. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)



PicFrame (15)I went to Cinespia's screening of The Godfather at the Los Angeles Theater on Saturday. It was great to see this classic movie in such a historic place! There was a strict dress code, so guests had to dress up for a reenactment of the Corleone's wedding that took place within the festive ambiance at the elegant venue before the screening started. It was so much fun to actually experience the movie, instead of just watching it! –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)



NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at New Orleans PelicansYes, I grew up in the SF Bay Area but never claimed The Warriors as my team so I won't start now. However, they are pretty fun to watch right now, and I think Antony Davis is worthy of a shoe deal! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



Version 2I finally got to catch up on sleep and run some errands. After that I lay around all weekend with my cat. –Annie (Twitter)



https://instagram.com/p/1_QWZewWhA/–JC (Twitter|Instagram)