Weekend Recap

Furious 7 Movie PosterThis weekend I finally got to watch Fast & Furious 7. It was definitely my favorite of the Fast&Furious series! I love how they tied in the story plot as well as the characters into this movie.. but it was definitely sad to realize that Paul Walker is no longer here. I highly recommend people watching this movie - especially if they are a fan of the series!! #RIPPaulWalker –Michelle (Instagram)



photo (6)Sums up the weekend perfectly. #NyquilHaze -–Allen Yang (Instagram)



IMG_2417Friday night I celebrated my friend's graduation from Pepperdine at the Huntley. On Saturday, I celebrated my mother's birthday with the family at Disneyland. –Candace (Instagram)



Ex-Machina-2015-2Had the usual grill session with some friends and went to see Ex Machina. Great AI sci-fi thriller. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)



Screen Shot 2015-04-20 at 10.54.55 AMI went to Palm Springs this weekend to catch Annie Mac, Kaytranada, Jamie XX and others DJ at a pool party at the Hacienda Hotel. It was a beautiful day in the desert & helped me get over not going to Coachella this weekend! -Annie (Twitter)



FullSizeRender (1)Rona (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/1PTwc1ukd2/I went to go check out a bar in Hollywood called Black last Friday. Pretty hip place run by skaters with good drinks. I think I would go back. –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/1raABfNQf6/?taken-by=tiamichelleprI went to Runyon Canyon over the weekend and had fun even though I fell on my ass twice! –Tia (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/1rt28CF07W/?taken-by=jnicelyThis weekend I continued by exploration into the world of furniture design with this handcrafted shelving unit. –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=idnICrEhNsII'm not a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers or Blake Griffin but hats off to them for the win last night and trio of monster dunks by Blake! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



https://vine.co/v/eztwidnEwZ6Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be basketball heaven because there were 4 games each day, but they were all blowouts besides one game that went to overtime. That Raptors Wizards game wasn't even fun after it went to overtime since the Raptors scored 2 points in 5 minutes. Basically the highlight of the weekend was Greivis doing this shimmy after he hit the 3 to send it to overtime Jake (Twitter | Instagram)