Weekend Recap

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.11.28 PM The first week of March has finally hit us! Check out what the Cashmere team did this past weekend!kobe-bryants-muse I had time to catch up on the premiere of Kobe Bryant's new documentary, Muse, and it was amazing. You see passion, emotion, and for the first time, seeing Kobe as human. I recommend everyone who either loves or hates Kobe Bryant to go check it out... whether you hate him as a player, his passion and commitment to the game is something that can't be compared to any other player.–Michelle (Instagram)



IMG_6371IMG_6370This weekend I went to Moonshadows in Malibu with friends. Even though it was a cloudy, it was still beautiful outside and the steak and eggs were amazing! –Tia (Twitter|Instagram)



IMG_3827IMG_2452I finally got to relax this weekend after traveling for the past couple of weeks. I spent some time working on the non-profit that I run, along with some errands I have been putting off. I did make it out on Saturday to Exchange LA to see one of my new favorite DJ duos, Amine Edge & Dance, one of the originators of the G-House movement. It was an awesome show despite standing in the rain to get in. I also received my 2015 Coachella ticket in the mail, so that is one more show to look forward to! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)



la-where-to-get-a-great-bloody-mary-20140507-photos This weekend I celebrated a rainy Sunday morning with the best bloody mary in all of Los Angeles at Messhall Kitchen in Los Feliz. Cheers. –Cameron (Instagram)



Boyhood I finally watched Boyhood this weekend and have to agree that Patricia Arquette's Oscar was well deserved! Awesome movie that brought back a lot of childhood memories of my own. :) –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)



House_of_Cards,_season_3,_promo_image I sneaked in a little kebab grilling. And of course binged thru season 3 of House of Cards that dropped on Friday. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)



image1Here I am shooting in the Nevada desert. Blackmagic camera, Supreme football top & Levis cargo short. –Dreez (Twitter|Instagram)



IMG_2008 I had a relaxing weekend with good food and good company. –Candace (Instagram)



MV5BMzg3NTI2NzU2NF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjQxMTQ5OQ@@._V1_SX214_AL_ It was a rainy weekend and I took advantage of it to hang out at home, watch movies and take naps.Watched Breakfast at Tiffany's with my girlfriend who had never seen it before. –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)



OysterzzzMy friend and I decided to splurge on $1 oysters at EMC Seafood in K-town. We ordered about four dozen oysters, and we regret nothing. –James



Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 10.52.45 AM Scored some Kobe Venomenons that I've been wanting. –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



HouseofCardsimage This weekend I sat at home and watched a lot of House Of Cards! I went straight home from work on Friday and stayed in front of the TV all weekend. I also went to the Laker game on Sunday, which went predictably bad because they're not very good at basketball but I still had a lot of fun. -Jake (Twitter | Instagram)



IMG_5861 Went through a walk through at my wedding venue (Lombardi house in Hollywood) –JC (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/zq4ETgxv7K/?modal=trueWent hiking in hollywoods –Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/zqgLl_SRL0/I spent the weekend cleaning out our infested garden soil with my family. Look! Doesn't it make you hungry? –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/zvJXbKBIvN/New things to do in LA. Check out the Discovery Cube LA to learn about science. –Seung (Instagram)