Weekend Recap

Check out what the Cashmere team did this weekend!Snowbort This weekend I rented a cabin in Big Bear to go snowboarding with some of my friends. What was supposed to be a fun trip turned into getting elevation allergies with hives breaking out all over my face. I also got sick, which didn't help my stay in Big Bear. :( –Michelle (Instagram)  unnamed (11) Time traveled back to the 80's this weekend. Eddie Murphy would run circles around the best comedians on stage, then and now. –Joey (Twitter|Instagram)  unnamed (12) This is one of my favorite weekends of the year, as there are a ton of free music shows put on by various brands to celebrate Grammy weekend. One of my favorite events of the weekend was the Lexus / Pitchfork party at The Well on Friday. The event wasn't too crowded, they served free Jameson all night, and I got to see Jacques Greene spin live for the first time. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)  candace weekend recap Made Pot Roast and watched the Grammy's –Candace (Instagram)  IMG_5689IMG_5704IMG_5689 (1) Trippin in big bear. Too bad there wasn't snow –JC (Twitter|Instagram)  PicFrame (5)I saw an exclusive sneak peek viewing of "The Purple Tape Files" documentary about Raekwon's and Ghostface Killah's legendary album "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx" on Saturday. I can't wait to see the full film! I also went to the Boombox event at Grand Star Jazz Club in honor of the late great J Dilla and finished the weekend off by strolling around the Irvine Spectrum on Sunday. –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/y1KWEIkNjo/?modal=trueThis weekend I went and checked out the So Cal Cannabis Cup... the details are a bit "cloudy" but I had a great time hanging out with my buds.–Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/ywc8P3yRJp/?modal=trueI spent the weekend quietly meditating and reminiscing on the crazy event that was the Levi's x Snoop Pre-Grammy party last Thursday. –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/y0bfn1JE8z/?modal=trueMade one of my favorite Azeri dishes for the first time. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/y0CVlihOnZ/?modal=trueThis weekend I went and saw some friends from college that I hadn't seen in a while and it was really fun to catch up with them. Saturday morning I went and picked up DK's Donuts in Santa Monica and picked up this amazing sprinkled waffle donut. It was fire. -Jake (Twitter | Instagram)