Weekend Recap

This weekend we had the privilege of having the most amazing weather in Southern California. 79 degrees in a January.... what more can you ask for? Check out what the Cashmere team did this weekend soaking in the sun!TrumpGolf Because the weather was so perfect in LA, I went on a hike on Trump's National Golf Course. It's along the Palos Verdes coast so you get to see an amazing ocean view while enjoying the cool breeze. I also played golf the next day... getting my Tiger Woods on. –Michelle (Instagram)  unnamed (7)On Saturday night, I was introduced to a restaurant in Century City called Hinoki and the Bird. If the restaurants name sound like a storybook, you're not too far off. The experience was a tale to remember! Check out how the Black Cod was served -- on fire! –Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)  Candace's weekend recapTook my little princesses to Disneyland –Candace (Instagram)  bridgenowhere I spent the weekend relaxing and hanging out with some friends. Without football this week and the Lakers being really painful to watch, it leaves me with a lot more time then usual. So on Sunday I went on a 10 mile hike out in Azusa. It was super long and tiring but really nice to get out of the city for a few hours. Jake (Twitter | Instagram)  IMG_2223 This weekend I traveled to the Joshua Tree / Yucca Valley area for a friend's birthday excursion. We rented a cabin from AirBnB that was a secluded boulder house in the middle of the desert. It was a full weekend of hiking, climbing, eating steaks and playing board games. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)  PicFrame (4) I spent a wonderful day in Echo Park, grubbing on one of L.A.'s best deep dish pizzas at Masa. If you haven't been there, I highly recommend this spot (they also serve a lot of vegan and vegetarian dishes)! Afterwards, I went on a much-needed walk around the area and the beautiful park. :) –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)  3695-time_is_illmatic-553171_full Finally watched Time Is Illmatic... Great film to accompany one of my favorite Rap albums of all time. –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)  unnamed (8) My weekend included a parking lot WOD (workout of the day) at Yellow Fever, hosted by Code3 Athletics. It was great to participate in a holistic approach to a healthy lifestyle (fitness + nutrition). –Joey (Twitter|Instagram)  IMG_11581. Worked in the Cashmere office Saturday afternoon2. Became Google Adwords Certified3. Visited a music studio Saturday night and sat in on a session4. Wrote 3 songs late Saturday night5. Went to the Gym both Saturday and Sunday morning6. 5 mile run from Venice beach to Santa Monica beach and back to my house Sunday evening7. Finished audiobook while running. –Christopher  http://instagram.com/p/yQh05-JE8X/Watched Foxcatcher with Steve Carrel (which is great). And did a little grilling. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/xxjzlcGi6p/This weekend I attended Daniel Wickerham & Malcolm Lomax "Girth Proof" -- the latest art show opening at Dem Passwords gallery. –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/yOq3GZSRMAWent to Escala last Friday to check out my old roommate's new gig as the Friday night DJ.http://instagram.com/p/yQJXOZSRBKAlso just hung out with the puppies all weekend. Look at this cutie pie! –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)