Weekend Recap

Check out with the Cashmere team did this past Halloween weekend!  Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.41.47 AMHad the chance to sit around the crib on Saturday night and caught my first episode of Saturday Night Live in awhile. The show has been taking a bunch of heat lately – many of the shows bigger names have bounced for greener pastures and the new cast hasn’t really caught their stride according to critics. But I did catch this. LOL. Something tells me that the show will be just fine. –Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)  Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.41.48 PMe team Watched and awesome doc and shot some footage for Happy Socks pop-up piece.–Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)  American-Horror-Story-poster-Asylum In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to start watching American Horror Story season 2. The story is so brilliantly written that it's hard not to be scared. I usually hate watching scary shows/movies but this is definitely more than just the demons/ghosts/killers point of the plot. –Michelle (Instagram)  http://instagram.com/p/u1bRR1DK1W/?modal=trueThis Halloween, I was Mustard on the Beet, Hoe, which garnered a repost from DJ Mustard himself. Gonna brag and say I also won the Cashmere Halloween Costume Contest for the second time in three years (2012 what up).—Diana (Twitter|Instagram)