Weekend Recap

Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 11.07.15 AMThis weekend consisted of watching live entertainment, cooking in the backyard, and doing home duties!Disneyland-Paradise-Pier-disneyland-33271773-1024-768This weekend I went to Disneyland/California Adventures and had a blast! I still don't get the hype of annual passes but it was fun reliving my childhood memories! —Michelle (Instagram)



IMG_20140824_153508 invasion_of_the_body_snatchers_1978Grilled some real italian sausages and continued my quest to find great horror movies. This week's find - "Invasion of Body Snatchers" –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)



http://youtu.be/aQv7d-h-GsgThis weekend I joined my co-founders of our youth development non-profit organization Eayikes to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. We decided to do things differently to conserve water, so we dumped our heads in an ice-chest and used the water to feed the grass in a local park. It was fun to donate and raise awareness for a great cause, especially with the local youth in the community!–Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)



http://instagram.com/p/sBxF0eSRMM/This past Friday, my friends and I tried to get into the Boiler Room show with Hudson Mohawke but failed. Sad, sad times. –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)



http://instagram.com/p/sGYE7nDK_q/?modal=trueThis weekend, I enjoyed the sounds, sights, and uncomfortable crowded situations of FYF Fest. Highlights of the two days: xxyyxx, Jamie xx, Grimes, Ryan Hemsworth, Tycho, and Mac DeMarco. I also experienced a couple blasts from the past; it was my first time seeing The Strokes and Built to Spill live and they did not disappoint. I wish I could have seen more acts, but that's the "problem" with an epic lineup that has four different stages. Expo Park wasn't as great of a venue as LA Historic Park, and that made for some logistical challenges, but FYF is a must do LA musical experience nonetheless.—Diana (Twitter|Instagram)



http://instagram.com/p/sGaUyNl00n/?modal=trueI discovered a cool new printing and poster shop on Pico called Church of Type that specializes in letterpress.–Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)



http://instagram.com/p/sGbn4OrlLTCelebrated my mom’s birthday ocean front in San Diego!—Rona (Twitter|Instagram)



This weekend, I attended the MTV VMA's. Beyonce was UNBELIEVABLE! She definitely stole the show...so amazing.—Bree (Twitter|Instagram)



I raked leaves, changed the water in my aquarium and returned a bunch of stuff to Fry's for work this weekend.–Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)