Weekend Recap

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 4.00.26 PMThe first weekend of August at Cashmere consisted of DIY projects, watching movies, trying out new restaurants, and gambling!http://instagram.com/p/rQKHFXl08N/?modal=trueThis weekend I built a shelf - New book #shelf project - 48"x18" plywood with 3' long threaded rods and 3/4" bolts and washers to secure the shelves #DIY—Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)



guardians-of-the-galaxy (1)EVERYBODY NEEDS TO SEE GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY!!!—Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)



https://twitter.com/allenjaelee/status/495108163725963264This weekend, a movie that I've been waiting 4 years for finally came out. Guardians of the Galaxy finally came out and the geek inside me couldn't be more excited. I'll spare everyone and won't go into detail but I ended up watching Guardians of the Galaxy twice, but could've easily seen it three times. If you haven't seen it yet, go watch it. There's a reason why it has a strong 92% on Rotten Tomatoes, along with high praise from filmmakers such as Darren Aronofsky and Edgar Wright. Go now. I am Groot.–Allen (Twitter|Instagram)



imagesThis weekend I hit up Roy Choi's latest restaurant POT. The eatery is located in the brand new Line Hotel on Wilshire. The uniqueness of the place is based around a host of Korean favorites thrown together gumbo style in a pot - as well as the regular Korean food favorites. An added bonus - the music was just as good as the food - old school hip-hop and R&B. How can you go wrong with that?—Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)



IMG_1268This weekend I rekindled with my gamer side and played Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Definitely not a great score but pretty impressed for not having played in 11 years! (I'm "supahotfire", btw.)—Michelle (Instagram)



unnamedI went to Vegas for the first time this week, it was pretty awesome. I ate and gambled most of my time there. I got to learn how to play craps and ended up losing a lot of money from it. It's all good doe, sorta. Hope to go again in the future when the weather isn't 124124 degrees. Yup.—Eugene (Instagram)



sharknado-2-bannerAccording to Sysomos, a real-time social media monitoring service, Sharknado 2: The Second One delivered 1 billion estimated impression on Twitter when it premiered last Wednesday. OK... So I watched it when SyFy showed it again this weekend but no need to worry. I will not be tweeting about it.–Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



http://instagram.com/p/rLz96TjK6L/?modal=trueThis weekend, I was in Vegas for my friend Tiffany's birthday. Above is a shot of the Venetian.IMG_0086We had a lovely dinner at Tao before we headed to the club.IMG_0059Also, I solved a super easy 5th grade level crime. I would not recommend CSI: The Experience to anyone, FYI. Don't get lured in by the $5 coupons they hand out on the strip!!!—Diana (Twitter|Instagram)