Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 5-19-14We took advantage of the heat and welcomed summer with open arms! We hit the pool, enjoyed the beach, did some serious eating, and just relaxed, mon...kyle weekend 5.19This weekend I went to Palm Springs to celebrate my best friends birthday. We rented a beautiful house for the weekend to get away from the hustle of LA, chill in the sun, and enjoy good company! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/oHeqj6SRNI/On Saturday, my friends and I literally devoured pounds and pounds of crawfish and shrimp. Because why not.http://instagram.com/p/oH2AbtSRA7/Oh, and, of course, had to watch Powerhouse projected on some dudes stomach.–Allen (Twitter|Instagram)image-1I spent both Saturday and Sunday at the beach soaking in some sunshine by the Santa Monica Pier and it felt great to get my beach bum attitude back for a little. Hope the sunny daze continues for memorial weekend! –Emily (Twitter|Instagram)imageThis was me pretty much all weekend except the time I had brunch with some Cashmere peeps.–Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/oHdiRtjK8F/Chilled poolside at the Standard, Hollywood with my best friend from out of town.http://instagram.com/p/oHdiRtjK8F/Brunched at Urth Cafe (their kale salad is EVERYTHING because it's full of crispy, probably unhealthy pita chips) and hit up The Do Over's season opener at Lure to kick off the summer right. —Diana (Twitter|Instagram)