Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 5-5-14Our weekend was filled with puppies and kittens! Also a special pair of Jordans, Spiderman, surrealist art, basketball, biking, and a whole lot of imagination. What can we say? We keep it diverse.concord-jordan-11-lowsRan around town last week and collected 7 raffle tickets to win a chance to purchase a pair of Jordan XI Concord Lows. Got a call at 5:30pm on Friday and was notified that I got a pair!! #nevertoooldforflykicks –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/njvgHPpm4w/I spent the day on Saturday volunteering with a dog adoption agency! I had a blast walking the guys, I think I'm inspired to sign up to be a foster! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)[wpvideo v3TBgBZD]Perused some kittens. –Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)kyle weekendThis weekend, I spent most of my time watching the end to this amazing first round of the NBA Playoffs. Saturday night made for a tough decision though when the Clippers vs. Warriors Game 7 was on at the same time as the Mayweather vs. Maidana boxing match... so we watched both at the same time! –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)spideymemeSo this weekend, I had the chance to catch The Amazing Spider-Man 2. As one review similarly put it, it is about 10 movies jammed into 2 hours. And only one of them is good. The movie was a huge mess and felt like it was made last minute. As a huge Spider-Man fan, I would not recommend this to people, but, I mean, that's just me. –Allen (Twitter|Instagram)photo (5)Rode around and got it. –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/njZnH-GtwN/http://instagram.com/p/njZAYjDK9e/Caught Mark Ryden's pop surrealist art on the opening day of his "The Gay Nineties West" show, which was at the Kohn Gallery's new location in Hollywood. It was a beautifully decorated space, with flowers being passed around, people lined up to get books signed by Ryden, and people dressed up like they had just walked out of one of his paintings. I went to listen to the album he commissioned artists like Tyler the Creator, Katy Perry, Mark Mothersbaugh, Weird Al Yankovic to contribute to — they all did very different takes of the same song — the physical album cost $100! The show is open until late June, I recommend you check it out! —Diana (Twitter|Instagram)And here is Andreis' creative take on his weekend:Over the past weekend I was accompanied by the elegant and vivacious Judi Dench to Concours d'Elegance at the Greystone Mansion.Upon our arrival we were greeted by many old friends, including Fredrich Forest, and the late E.G. Marshall who starred alongside Dench in the made for T.V. classic Saigon: Year of the Cat. A film lost in the annals of time about an assistant manager in a foreign bank who begins a relationship with American Bob Chesneau in the summer of 1974. It foreshadows the fall of Vietnam to the North Vietnamese and the first of many US military failures. As the day wore on we suffered gin rickies in the shade of the grounds magnificent elm trees and watch the pomp and circumstance unfold. The event has garnered much respect over the years as the premier auto show in Beverly Hills. The magistracy of the German, American, and Italian engineering always brings a tear to my eye. The Cal 50 Ferrari valued at $100,000,000 is only trumped visually by the sound of the engine still randy after almost 7 decades on the road.We retired to the Gooding Auctioneers canopy and ended our Sunday with jibs at imperialism and the fall of the British Isles, a time past, when the Monarchy ruled with an irrationally clenched fist and reason was overshadowed by bloodlines. –Andreis (Twitter|Instagram)