Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 4-15-2013This weekend, the crew watched Kobe's last game of the season, got some secret grilled cheese and drinks, went car shopping, and caught up with friends. Read on for pics and details!frametastic

I started off this weekend by finding an amazing new bar and restaurant called the Blind Barber in Culver City.  A true speakeasy, the joint is hidden behind a barber shop.  Serving some of the best grilled cheese sandwiches and drinks in town, it's definitely my new favorite spot.  I also got to catch up with my best friend from high school at Pattern Bar in downtown LA and chill by the water.  –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)

Lakers700pxI caught the Lakers play the Warriors from the 9th row on Friday night. Other than it being a fantastic, come-from-behind win by the Lakers, it was also Kobe's last game of the season. Quite an eventful game to attend. –Tim (Twitter|Instagram)Image 700The highlight of my weekend was attending a birthday celebration with my LA fam, including dinner at The Churchill for the first time, followed by dessert and mocktails. –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)weekendI was in Palos Verdes for a wedding this weekend. I can't even remember the last time I was  over there. It was beautiful.  Congratulations Jennifer and Seong! I designed their wedding invitations and did the backdrop for their photobooth. It looked awesome, and the wedding was beautiful. –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)PhotoGrid_1366074848312-1This weekend wasn't very sunny, which ruined my plans to spend my time outdoors. I made up for it by getting the best udon I've ever had at a local place in the South Bay, Ichimi Ann Bamboo Garden. Their udon and soba noodles are handmade, and the restaurant is super casual. Their cold yuzu soba (Japanese citrus fruit) and cold mentai-oroshi udon (cod roe & grated radish) really hit the spot, especially because the udon has a perfectly firm and chewy texture. I also got a new car! Love my new Prius C. Shoutout to Steve Choi at DCH Toyota in Torrance for hooking it up with a great deal! –Diana (Twitter|Instagram)photo (6)I went to Coachella!!! This is a photo of the sunset at the main stage, courtesy of the Violent Femmes! –Cassie (Instagram)