Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 1-27-14This weekend, we enjoyed the Grammys, volunteered our time, worked massive EDM shows, hung out with a lifesize alien doll, nommed on Russian dumplings and more!This weekend was packed with Grammy goodness. I was booked all weekend handling live production for Grammy events in Hollywood.http://instagram.com/p/jni5aNBgqK/On Friday I did an awesome show with Kaskade that went on until 4am! Saturday I did another show with world-renowned producer/dj, Tiesto. It was massive.sharkwhoopSunday I had Dinner with Shark. We caught up and talked about her plans when she moves out to Vegas this week. –Whoopi (Twitter|Instagram)photo (4)What do you do when you gain access to a life-size rubber alien? Take it around cool spots in LA and take pictures of it! I know what you're thinking... how do you know if it's life-size if you're unsure if aliens even exist in the first place?!?! It doesn't matter: it fits in a chair, and looks really cool next to a boom box. –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)GRAMMY-2014My highlights this weekend was volunteering with the American Diabetes Association and the Fight Against Obesity Foundation, and of course watching music's biggest night aka The Grammys. –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)HendersonThomsonWeighInHighlight of my weekend was a free UFC fight... One of my Favorite fighers of all time, Benson Henderson took the win in the main card, against Josh Thomson. I feel like Benson could've fought a little harder though. Thomson broke his hand in the second round. I believe that from them on, Benson should've kicked the heck out of him, which he did, but not enough. Also got to catch the Grammys. Pharrell's hat was not cute.. . What was he thinking!?Screen-Shot-2014-01-27-at-1.03.02-AMI really thought Kendrick Lamar's performance was amazing. From the white outfits to his stage presence. Very cool, that Kdot.I really enjoyed Macklemore's performance as well, I didn't know that Queen Latifah, was ordained to do weddings. NoH8. The end. –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)IntimefairuseSucker_Punch_film_posterEver sit in front of the TV and come across a show or movie that you would not typically spend the time to watch but get sucked in to it? Well it happened to me this weekend... Twice. And I can honestly say that they were both better than expected. –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)veep2housWatched a great doc about the failed "War on Drugs" policy. AND caught up on "Veep." –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)This Friday was my dear friend and coworker Grace's going away party, She is moving to Vegas!! Don't gamble too much Grace. Or else I'll have to join you. We're going to miss her.http://instagram.com/p/jlcYrhDK-e/I caught the Prefuse/Nosaj Thing show afterwards at The Echo, which was a great show. Gaslamp Killer came out!http://instagram.com/p/jpSZVrjK8w/The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun. Saturday, hung out with friends, and Grace I spent time at the Hollywood Farmers Market on Sunday morning, where we tried Jesse and his girlfriend's amazing Russian dumplings! Check them out at @3LittleDumplings. We hit up some shops and stared at death metal vinyl covers at Amoeba. I ended my weekend with some Ikea assemblage. My new dresser is lookin' #SNAZZY (minus the one drawer with the flipped bottom panel but whatevs). —Diana (Twitter|Instagram)