Weekend Recap

Weekend-Recap-10-7-13We had a pretty chill weekend. We caught a Pacquiao fight, took scuba lessons, went hiking in Griffith Park and met Blake Anderson! Fun times.BrianneThis past weekend, I took advantage of the beautiful LA weather by hiking at Griffith Park in the Los Feliz area. –Brianne (Twitter|Instagram)KristenAlthough I did some pretty neat stuff this past weekend (went to the most epic arcade/bowling alley/karaoke/bar called Round 1 and tried Boiling Point for the first time), I'd say the highlight of my weekend started a tad early with the meeting of one of my fave comedians and Workaholic Blake Anderson, at the Xbox One party. #LetsGetWeird –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)KellyI was lucky enough to get an invite to catch the Pacquiao vs Rios fight. It was more of a Pacquiao boxing clinic, but I gotta give it up to Rios for having one helluva chin. –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)cassieThis weekend I started my scuba lessons! So far, I've only been practicing in the pool. I head out to the ocean next weekend — gonna be so cold! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)MistyThis weekend, I spent time with my family in the valley. We gathered over dinner at Sherman Oaks Galleria and took pictures by the Christmas tree (we love the holidays). I also enjoyed time at my second home, the hair salon (LOL), getting a fun cut and style with a heart cut-out. –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)lThis weekend was very chill as I hung out with family and friends and ran some errands. However, I did feel a tad adventurous and tried Stacked in South Bay. I was pleased as I ate some yummy burger sliders and their gluten free fries. I would definitely go back again because a) you place your orders on an iPad b) they have amazing aioli sauce and c) everything you order is customizable! —Bree (Twitter|Instagram)