Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 10-28-13What a pre-Halloween weekend... We celebrated the holiday early, partied with Seth MacFarlane, experienced live college football, lived it up in K-Town, and caught some drama & comedy at the theaters!http://instagram.com/p/f6v-AmN143/On Friday, I had the chance to go to Seth MacFarlane's 40th birthday party. For the event, MacFarlane invited his large network of friends, family and celebs to an orchestra performance at UCLA's Royce Hall. And then the actual party broke out in a large tent outside.http://instagram.com/p/f8KoicN19wThen I watched college football ALL day Saturday. While I was viewing some analyses of the games, I was lucky enough to learn a new word: horizonectly? –Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)GraceI went to the USC MBA Halloween party on Saturday at the Petersen Automotive Museum. I saw some pretty interesting costumes but here are some of my favorites! –Grace (Twitter|Instagram)image-1Had birthday drinks with some sketch action.image-2Danced all night at the annual Adidas event: the Boo-Over. Another cool weekend. –JP (Twitter|Instagram)PhotoGrid_1383008944681Got to check out the Beat Junkies vs. Stones Throw show on Saturday at Madave. Dope show and cool venue! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)Screen shot 2013-10-28 at 1.17.06 PMThis weekend, I returned back to my alma mater, University of Missouri, for our 102nd Homecoming. As one of the schools who began the tradition of homecoming, this annual weekend is a BIG one. We look forward to this time to celebrate our school and its achievements; reunite with classmates, teachers and friends; and most importantly, see all the nuances on campus. Fun times!!! –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)fast company flyerThis weekend was action packed with DJ shows and Halloween parties, but the highlight was going to see the final show date for my best friend's stage play, Fast Company, at the South Coast Repertory in Orange County. As the lead in the show, it was awesome to see his hard work paying off, and the play itself was funny, dark, intense, and very well written. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_MSrAwfagG4&w=640&h=360]This weekend I saw Johnny Knoxville's Bad Grandpa movie. HILARIOUS!! If you're looking for a good laugh, this is it! –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)http://vine.co/v/hpPvFrvn7FFDidn't have much of an eventful weekend. Got to spend some "Korean time" in Korea Town with my lovely Cashmere friends, Diana and Grace. While most people were out at their Halloween parties, I received drunk texts of stolen giraffes, and texts of how "Dracula was upset with me." –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)