Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 9-16-13This weekend, we kept it bumpin' at the downtown LA Mad Decent Block Party where we caught Major Lazer, Stampede Management's Riff Raff, Matt & Kim, Clockwork, Dillon Francis, and more! We also did a ton of other fun stuff in the blazing heat, so check it out!http://instagram.com/p/eQfWBQqpxG/This weekend I hit the Mad Decent Block Party and was blown away by Matt and Kim's live show. Not the biggest fan of their music (per se), but the live performance is pretty entertaining!http://instagram.com/p/eRQDKbqp2e/I also hit the Hollywood Bowl for the most epic Earth Wind and Fire concert. Words can't describe how amazing they are, but here is an Instagram video of them performing their hit "September" under fireworks. –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/eP9j2jAhND/Went to visit the Bay for a high school friend's wedding. It was beautiful and really nice to have a mini high school reunion. Back in 2004, the summer days of my college years when I lived in Carmel, there was a blue jay in the wild that I befriended. I used to always give him peanuts and do the same bird call. I think he remembers me. Wild birds don't get that close if they don't trust you, so I'm pretty sure this was Blue... #BirdCallsNeverFail Here's a video of the beautiful Monterey Bay peninsula! –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)LutherThis weekend, I stayed in bed and watched the third season of Luther (I'm so cool). Luther, if you haven't watched the glorious two seasons on Netflix, is about Detective Chief Inspector Luther playing mind games with serial killers and being super badass the whole time. I think you'll get a better description from Wikipedia. MUST WATCH AND DEVELOP UNDYING LOVE/BROMANCE FOR IDRIS ELBA. –Grace (Twitter|Instagram)KABOBSScreen Shot 2013-09-16 at 1.18.44 PMI was at an Azeri picnic in Orange County. –Gabil (Twitter|Instagram)20130914_194136Canelo didn't do all that well on Saturday night, but this homemade Chile Verde sure did hit the spot! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)
Spent Saturday with the Analigital crew hitting the MB2 raceway. Then we ended the night with our friend's opening art show at our gallery. Good times! –JP (Twitter|Instagram)imageThis weekend, I played around with new photo apps (I love photography by the way!) and posted some cool stuff from my vacation on Instagram. Additionally, I attended a Breaking Bad watch party. That show has left me in an anxious state of mind! –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)