Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 9-9-13This weekend, the crew enjoyed the end of summer with swimming, barbecues, shows, and some hyped food: cronuts and ramen burgers!Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 6.25.54 PMI spent my weekend doing live stage design at Create Nightclub in Hollywood. –Whoopi (Twitter|Instagram)photoThis weekend I tried Cronuts!!! Are they worth all of the fuss? Try one and find out! –Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)imageThis weekend, I celebrated my aunt's birthday on Sunday by cooking brunch for our Bible Study class. My homemade breakfast potatoes were a hit! —Bree (Twitter|Instagram)Screen shot 2013-09-09 at 1.39.23 PMI spent the weekend trying to squeeze out every last bit of summer! I went to a rooftop pool party in West Hollywood on Saturday, and headed out to Malibu on Sunday for swimming and rock climbing. –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)20130908_184935I've been pretty good about walking past the potato chip aisle in hopes of not bringing several bags home, but I had to pick something up for a casual barbecue with the homies last night. The most interesting thing that caught my eye was the bag of Roasted Garlic & Sea Salt Wavy Lay's. So much for being good... SIGH! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)photo-1The highlights of my weekend were...- hearing DeVon Franklin, Meagan Good's husband, speak- finding and DVR'ing new shows including The Arsenio Show (premiering tonight)- Serena Williams and Chicago Bears wins- Sanctiond'ing my car, and- getting a manicure #AllGlitterEverything–Misty (Twitter|Instagram)http://instagram.com/p/d_DoFCDKyY/This weekend, I waited 4 hours in line at Mitsuwa in Torrance to try one of 500 official ramen burgers to hit LA! I have to say that it was worth it, but the ramen burgers I made last night were even better! I do need some Keizo skills in keeping the ramen bun together though. –Diana (Twitter|Instagram)