Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 7-29We were at Legends of the Summer this past weekend, soaking in the sweet sounds of Jay Z and Justin Timberlake! We also did some community service, car shopped, went boating in Marina Del Rey, and played with puppies!photo 1photo 2This weekend, I volunteered at the monthly #HashtagLunchbag event, where people come together to help feed the homeless. This past weekend, we made over a thousand sack lunches to pass out in the streets of LA. This is a great movement that was started by a group of friends who utilized social media to spread awareness about the events. Since starting, the #HashtagLunchbag has spread to cities around the US. For more info, check out the site. –Brianne (Twitter|Instagram)imageThis weekend I spent a lot of time with my grandma and her dogs. Totally missed the UFC fight, and the JT/Jay-Z concert... Boo. But the pups still put a smile on my face! ;) –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)r3c4p (1)I went to LEGENDS OF SUMMER at the Rose Bowl! I was prepared to be blown away, but I was REALLY impressed with both Jay Z and Justin Timberlake. And some A-list sightings! Some serious superfans too, shout out to the guy with the Jay Z foam head! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)PhotoGrid_Jul 29, 2013, 2_57 PMThis weekend, I enjoyed watching JT and Jay Z put on one hell of a show. I grabbed drinks at The Hudson in WeHo. Then I went bowling and drove a boat in the marina for some family bonding time. –Kristen (Twitter|Instagram)image-1Last weekend, I enjoyed playing with my new equipment. Pioneer DDJ-SX with Serato DJ built in. Crave and Blend mixes coming real soon. #CraveNBlend JP (Twitter|Instagram)image-1This weekend, I went to my little cousin's 3rd birthday party where we had cake and ice cream and enjoyed movies under the stars in his backyard. Another exciting part of my weekend was that I bought a new car! :) —Bree (Twitter|Instagram)photo (2)This weekend went by sooo fast! LOL! My highlights this weekend were participating in boot camp with my trainer, and attending a studio session with my cousin and his team as they prep for their third album recording of Lullaby Confessions. Lullaby Confessions is a positive lifestyle brand dedicated to the health, hope and happiness of the family, starting with baby! Each album incorporates lullaby music that include positive affirmations for the baby to rest and sleep to. –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)