Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 7-23-13We had a varied weekend, complete with community service, a creepy horror flick, a monsoon/thunderstorm, live music, and... podcats!GetImage.ashxContinued summer cleaning over the weekend, giving away items to the less fortunate. Also, my Los Angeles family hosts a church tour where we invite each other to one's church. This past Sunday was my turn where the crew attended my church service and enjoyed Serving Spoon for the first time! –Misty (Twitter|Instagram)wkndrecap (1)I spent my Sunday with Midnight Therapy, creating our next mixtape, available on Soundcloud this week! Pictured here is Scarlett, the podcast cat... or podcat! I also checked out the Renegade Arts Fair in LA State Historic Park. They had some good stuff, and great people watching! –Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)tumblr_mqby3b35R21rjd8x5o1_500-1I purposefully scared the sh*t out of myself when I went to go see The Conjuring. Great horror movie without all of the tricks. –Ryan (Twitter|Instagram)photo (1)This weekend I took a spontaneous trip to Arizona. It turned out to be quite the adventure as we ended up driving through a full on monsoon thunderstorm. However, once we arrived we had a great time lounging by the pool and then explored a bit of downtown Phoenix where we saw a fun classic hits cover band called Furious George at the Copper Blues. All in all it was a successful weekend! –Emily (Twitter|Instagram)