Weekend Recap

IMG_5952This weekend my non-profit youth org hosted our annual staff retreat in Big Bear. It was a nice getaway to the mountains and to spend some time with great people planning out the next year for our team. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)



PicFrame (22)I took advantage of what was probably one of the last warmer weekends of the year by going to Six Flags Magic Mountain. Luckily, there were not a lot of people and I got on 8 rides in less than 4 hours! ^_^ –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)



Jessica-Jones-1-1200x674Over the years of being in music promotions and marketing, I've become one of those jaded individuals who never really cares about being the first to know/see/have anymore. There was some chatter about the new Netflix/Marvel series Jessica Jones and there was even an impromptu office viewing of a couple of episodes, which I didn't take part in. I woke up on Saturday to a lengthy household to-do list that I wanted no part of and ended up spending a large part of my weekend watching all 13 episodes and eating two bags of pork jerky and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos. Hey... At least I have a long weekend coming up to do household chores, right? –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



10702c7eThis past weekend I watched Aziz Ansari's new show on Netflix, Master of None. I honestly wasn't the biggest fan of Aziz before but this show is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s and totally #TeamAziz now! I love how the show touches on so many relatable topics for millennials. The only problem I had with the show is that I wish it was longer! –Michelle (Instagram)



https://www.instagram.com/p/-XzAwaF0_p/?taken-by=jnicelyI started to learn more about an interesting new philosophy on living. –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)