Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 6-24This weekend, Cashmere was all up in live music: Armin Van Buuren, PowerHouse, and Midnight Therapy. Click the jump for photos and to see what else we got up to!cassie_wkndrcap_06-24I represent my friends are in a DJ trio called MIDNIGHT THERAPY and this weekend they played as part of the Venice Music Crawl on Saturday. It was a cool event, with live music at bars, restaurants and galleries along Lincoln Blvd. Lots of people came through to see them play, you're all invited to our 4th of July party at the Saguaro in Palm Springs! —Cassie (Twitter|Instagram)PrintI went to the EMC Raw Bar soft launch this weekend. Nice location, good food, what more can you ask for! –Grace (Twitter|Instagram)

Create Nightclub visuals

This weekend I had an opportunity from V Squared Labs, a visual arts production studio that's responsible for the live design behind Amon Tobin, Ultra Music Festival, Skrillex, the Sahara Tent at Coachella, Insomniac events, and more. VSL set me up to run visuals at Create Nightclub in Hollywood. It was a sold-out night because Armin Vaan Buuren was DJing a massive 3-hour set. Click pic above for Instavideo. –Whoopi (Twitter|Instagram)photoThis past weekend, I was a part of my best friend @JennGama and @KevinLenart's wedding. I had the time of my life and didn't want it to end! Now I'm looking forward to being that aunt who spoils the little Lenarts. –Annie (Twitter|Instagram) photo (13)This weekend I celebrated my 22nd birthday in Santa Monica with a bunch of my friends including these love bugs. –Emily (Twitter|Instagram)

photo 1

photo 2photo 3Made my way into "sold-out" PowerHouse again... I spent the rest of the weekend hydrating and being the party master. –Joseph (Twitter|Instagram)note2The highlight of my weekend was unplugging my phone from its charger on Saturday morning and not having to plug it back in until 8pm on Sunday night... Yes, it’s a Samsung and I will be downloading #MagnaCarta on July 4. –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)imagesI was sick in bed for a majority of my weekend, so it wasn't very eventful, but here is a picture to express my fun times. I did watch the NBA Finals between the Heat & the Spurs though. Hope everyone had a fun weekend! —Tre (Twitter|Instagram)