Weekend Recap

EscobarDidn't feel that great this past weekend so I spent most of it watching Netflix. Finally finished watching Narcos and was fairly entertained. The crazy thing is that Pablo Escobar was a real person and this was his story to a certain degree. We all know that crime doesn't pay and as much money as he made, he couldn't take any of it with him. However, can you imagine pulling in 420 million dollars a week? Yes, crime doesn't pay but it sure did for a brief moment for Pablo Escobar. –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



IMG_3884My mother-in-law has been incredibly supportive to me and my husband this whole year, so we decided to take her out to Burbank and treat her to a movie (she has been dying to see the Peanuts movie) and dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, the Granville Café. –Theresa (Twitter|Instagram)



IMG_3427This weekend I went to go try out the new Halal Guys that opened in Costa Mesa. I had the one in New York a couple years back so I was super excited to see if this tasted exactly like that. I have to say.... I was pretty underwhelmed. It was too basic... definitely not the flavor bomb it is in New York. –Michelle (Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/92YObIl0wN/?taken-by=jnicelySpent Sunday at The Hammer enjoying the Lawren Harris exhibit curated by Steven Martin. –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)