Weekend Recap

OktoberfestThis weekend I went to Oktoberfest - it was fun but it's definitely all hype. I was expecting delicious-can't-wait-to-have beers, but it actually didn't taste quite that great. It's definitely an experience! –Michelle (Instagram)  20151019_113955Had the pleasure of seeing Janet Jackson on Friday night at The Forum. Her show was simply amazing and I would highly recommend you catch it of you can! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)  https://instagram.com/p/9AYvdxl09Y/?taken-by=jnicelyhttps://instagram.com/p/9AY_Vzl094/?taken-by=jnicelyWent to The Broad this weekend, where I ran into Allen Lee. Was thrilled to see work by one of favorite artists Ellsworth Kelly –Jesse (Twitter|Instagram)  https://instagram.com/p/9Ajeojk1Lw/I finally went home for the weekend to reunite with the family and best friends. Disneyland and DCA were near max capacity this weekend, but still totally worth it considering all we did was eat and drink in good adult fashion. If you haven't seen the Halloween decorations before, definitely check them out or you'll have to wait another year! –Hanul (Instagram)  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKeK_FojB-AThis weekend I spent time with family and catching up with friends. The highlight was seeing my roommate Lawrence Kao in the premier of the new sci-fi horror film Circle, which aired exclusively on Netflix. Check out the trailer above. –Kyle (Twitter|Instagram)