Weekend Recap

super-mario-3d-world-wii-u-5This weekend I copped a Wii U and played Mario World 3D. It is amazing!!!! I am totally living up my childhood while playing this game. Need to buy more games tho... –Michelle (Instagram)



unnamedI spent my weekend relaxing for the most part and binge watching Netflix’s new Pablo Escobar bio-drama series Narcos. So far so good. –Austin (Twitter|Instagram)



Avocado_Tree_(2473587957)Super busy this weekend cleaning up my yard. Good news is that there will be a lot of guacamole this holiday season! –Kelly (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/7DqpxxRvwUNQ2EMazvd1g_b-UfixWpzDpl-Jc0/?taken-by=heyjasminChecked out the opening of Nexus Social Lounge in DTLA –Jasmin (Twitter|Instagram)



https://instagram.com/p/6-5CrmBWBauS5Jp4edRscyVxdatzzLmgX6idM0/?taken-by=madison_beeeIt was my birthday on Saturday so I was busy running around all weekend. It was a great weekend with friends and thankful for everyone who celebrated with me. Jake (Twitter | Instagram)