Weekend Recap

Weekend Recap 6-17-13This weekend, Cashmere celebrated Father's Day, watched Snoop Dogg and NFL players make a lot of kids' day, watched This Is The End, and much more. Why yes, if you're asking, that is a gorgeous bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich up there. Click to see the whole thing in all of its cheesy glory!annie weekendI had a pretty eventful weekend. I spent my Saturday morning at the Snoop Youth Football League's "Family Fun Day" and watched Snoop interact with the kids on the field. That night, I checked out the hilarious film This is The End with Jasmin. For Sunday Funday, I started my day at Lock and Key and ended at "Chocolate Sundaes" at The Laugh Factory. -Annie (Twitter|Instagram)d14d4f40d6c311e29b2022000a9f1561_7I hit up Free Range LA over at the Melrose Place Farmer's Market for one of the best bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwiches I've ever had. –Jesse(Twitter|Instagram)kyle weekend recapThis weekend was a blast, spending time with friends and family, soaking up the sunshine. I went to Lake Arrowhead for most of the weekend for a getaway retreat with some friends from college. On Sunday, I spent Father's Day with my family. We took our Sea-Doos out to Dana Point Harbor and up the coast to Laguna Beach in South Orange County. With perfect weather and good company, I would say this was a successful vacation weekend! –Kyle(Twitter|Instagram)weekendI found out that one of my favorite UFC fighters, Korean Zombie, will be fighting for the title on August 3rd. I hope he wins. I had to draw a picture of him for the fight for good luck! I also had a family barbecue and met my nephew for the first time; I found out that there's another baby in the oven! See you in December, bub. Sunday, I spent time with my dad and went out to dinner. It was not only Father's Day but Tupac's birthday as well. R.I.P. –Jane (Twitter|Instagram)pic3pic1pic2I attended Day 2 of the Playboy Jazz Festival. –JP(Twitter|Instagram)photo (12)I celebrated my friend's bachelorette party! We forced her to wear a silly embarrassing crown and veil, and I'm pretty sure we were the most obnoxious group of girls everywhere we went — success! –Cassie(Twitter|Instagram)DSC00213DSC00214-1My family and I serendipitously caught a Father's Day car show down at Beverly Hills — we saw retro and mini Batmobiles, movie set cars, and some really luxurious 20th century rides! —Qing Qing (Twitter|Instagram)[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ILnE7dEhCcc&w=640&h=360]This weekend, I watched This Is The End, which is probably the most hilarious movie I've seen in a long time. Saturday, I went to a banquet for Harbor-UCLA Hospital's graduating residents. I finished off the weekend at my local Book Off, where I picked up a copy of The Omnivore's Dilemma for a steal ($1!!) — can't wait to read it! –Diana(Twitter|Instagram)